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Says The Unmanifest............

Behold the blue, ever expanding sky
Millions and millions stars shining within
Galaxies whirling with unknown speed,
Solar systems in countless number
With planets on their destined path.
Among them, this your tiny planet
Earth you call, with mortal creatures
Towering there, this embodied soul
Known as man with mind and brain.
This cosmic process that moves ahead
From matter to life, from life to mind
From mind to brain from brain to spirit
Know Me the Reality that supports and sustains
Creation that evolves in cycles divine
I am the Brahman, the supreme spirit
Immense, unending mystery they say.
I am Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
To create, to preserve, to dissolve this all
Functions threefold, the sages divide
Limitless as I am, your words imperfect
Will of mine only stands behind
I am the Ground of the Brahmă to the ant.
In many splendoured world I shine everywhere
Expanse of my glory very difficult to grasp
Forms of Mine of uncommon nature
I present to the man to meditate upon
The beauty, the glory, the power you see
Sprung from the fraction of my splendour divine.
I am the beginning, the middle and the end
Known as Brahmă, Vishnu and Mahesh
I am the radiant Sun of the brights
I am the moon of the stars of night
The fire in things and ocean among waters
I am the Meru among peaks of Mountains
Things unmoved, there Himălaya, the great
I am the Gangă among rivers flowing
I am the mighty banyan among trees
I am the Mărgashirsha, the month so bright
I am the spring of flowers in seasons
I am Ananta, the holiest serpent
I am the lion, the king of the beasts
I am the eagle among birds that fly
I am the crocodile among beings in water
Of all the alphabets I am the ‘v
OM that I am in the language you speak
Among the compounds I am copulative
Among the Vedas, I am săma the musical
Among the musical I am săma the great
Găyatri I am among meters poetic
I am Vyăsa, I am Krishna, and Arjuna that I am!
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